Wilton Cake Pan

Create Beautiful Cakes with a Wilton Cake Pan

If you are planning to bake a special birthday cake for your son or daughter’s party, a Wilton cake pan will surely do the trick.
To begin your birthday cake project, decide on a birthday cake theme. Maybe your child adores some kind of character like Sesame Street’s Bert.


Shaped Cake Pans

Getting Creative with Shaped Cake Pans

I love baking. I get a certain joy out of seeing members of my families and friends get pleasure from eating my cakes. With baking, I tend to experiment on flavors just to get away from the ordinary and basic ones. What I enjoy more than baking cakes is decorating.


Birthday Cake Pans

Find the Perfect Birthday Cake Pans

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you are simply stressing about what kind of birthday cake pans you should choose. You want to get “oohs” and “ahhs” from the guests as well as a “WOW!” from the birthday celebrant. A ho-hum type of birthday cake pans are definitely out.


Bundt Cake Pan

The Classic Bundt Cake Pan

Introduced by Nordic Ware in the 1950’s, the Bundt cake pan has since become a very famous bake ware. The Bundt cake pan is very versatile and is available in different shapes and sizes. It can be used for muffins, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, gelled desserts and even meatloaf.


Cupcake Pans

Great Cupcakes are Made With Great Cupcake Pans

Everybody adores cupcakes. A mini-cake with a huge dollop of frosting and hefty sprinkles is enough to brighten anyone’s day.
The flavorsome cupcake is a miniature cake that is designed for single serve only. Since cupcakes crazed have swept the nation, more and more people are enjoying them.


Character Cake Pans

Choosing Fun Character Cake Pans

Every kid expects everything on his or her birthday – great and numerous gifts, balloons, ice cream, and of course, lavish and delicious birthday cake.
If you want to make your child shout for joy when he or she finally sees the birthday cake you’ll be making, skip the traditional, boring round pans.

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Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Garland Bundt Pan


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What to Look for in Cake Pans

Are you into baking cakes? In order to create delicious and appealing cakes, several cake making equipment and various ingredients are required. One of the most useful and important tools in cake decorating are cake pans. Cake pans enable bakers to mold cakes into the shapes that they want.

Cake pans are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, materials, and shapes. High quality cake pans can get a bit expensive so if you can get a good deal, grab it. Try looking for cake pans at different restaurant supply stores to get value for your money. You might only see some cheap bar stools at first but call around and check prices.

Generally, cake pans are made from enameled metal, metal or even glass. Some of the stuff that your fine china dinnerware is also made of. Nowadays, silicone cake pans are replacing vintage style cookware. Classic cake pans made of metal are available in two designs. Aside from the regular metal cake pan, there are also the spring-form metal cake pans. Springfrom cake pans snap apart and make cake retrieval easy and uncomplicated. This type of metal cake pan in different range of shapes and sizes but the most common are the round springform cake pans.

Because of convenience, numerous cake bakers are switching from using metal cake pans to silicone ones. Un-molding a cake from a silicone cake pan is extremely hassle-free since silicone is inherently non-stick so it can easily be peeled away from the cake. Silicone cake pans can be used to bake cakes at high temperatures and they even allow bakers to freeze or chill cakes while still in the cake pan since silicone is also cold tolerant. In terms of clean ups, silicone cake pans are the best. They can be washed in a dishwasher and do not attract the grit and grease like many metal cake pans do.

The shape of the cake pan is considered with every cake that will be baked. Regular cake pans are rectangular, round, or square. But if the need for making creating novelty cake arises, cake pans are also available in shapes like animals, triangles, hearts, diamonds and other geometric shapes. Deciding on the right kind to buy can be the equivalent of choosing the perfect pair of hoop earrings for your dress, it can get confusing. Cake pans used for novelty cakes may not be as useful as the regular cake pans unless you are engaged in making novelty cakes for a living. But these types of cake pans make the creation of unique shaped cakes so much easier.

Choosing the right size of cake pans to use should also be considered. Countless bakers like to have cake pans in a variety of sizes therefore allowing maximum creativity and tiered cakes a reality. It is also advised to have at least two cake pans of the same size in case you would want to make layer cakes.

When purchasing cake pans, assess the frequency or the number of times you might be baking a cake. If you are really into baking cakes and you do it often, you might want to purchase an assortment of cake pans. However if you only bake cakes during certain occasions, a small variety of cake pans will do. Choose two to three shapes and sizes and a few doubles of a medium sized cake pan for layer cakes.