Cupcake Pans

Great Cupcakes are Made With Great Cupcake Pans

Cupcake Pans

Everybody adores cupcakes. A mini-cake with a huge dollop of frosting and hefty sprinkles is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

The flavorsome cupcake is a miniature cake that is designed for single serve only. Since cupcakes crazed have swept the nation, more and more people are enjoying eating and making cupcakes. Countless bakeries now offer these wonderful confections since the demand is high and endless.

Cupcakes might be dainty and small in terms of size but like regular sized cakes, they can be decorated with an assortment of sprinkles, frosting and other toppings. Most types of cake can be turned into cupcakes, though sponge cakes and torte recipes have to be adjusted to create a great tasting cupcake. Delicious cupcakes are made in cupcake pans or molds that consist of interconnected cups. The cups are then lined with foil or wax paper for easier removal of cupcakes. Also, the foil or wax paper allows cupcake lovers to enjoy their dessert without any mess since cupcakes are eaten as finger foods.

Cupcake pans are a bit identical to a muffin pan. Their only difference is that cupcake pans have smaller cups. Most cupcake pans are for oven use and its depressions or cups generally measure 2.5 inches (diameter and 1.5 inches (deep). However, there are also smaller cupcake pans for even smaller cupcakes and giant cupcake pans for cupcakes that are the same size as regular cakes.

Different cupcake pans are available in today’s market and it is quite confusing to pick out one especially for beginners. Cupcake pans differ in sizes and prices. Some perform better than other brands. Here are a few tips to get started on choosing cupcake pans:

• For cupcake pans, the shinier the better. It turns out that shiny cupcake pans reflect heat better that dark colored matte cupcake pans. Shiny cupcake pans result to a more evenly baked cupcakes.

• If you already purchased a dark colored cupcake pan, you may just use them as well. But you may want to lower down the cooking temperature of your oven but 25 degree to achieve an identical result with cupcakes made in shiny cupcake pans.

• Purchase at least two trays of cupcake pans preferably those with 12 1/2 cup wells. With two identical cupcake pans, you won’t have to wait for the pan to cool down before putting in another batch of cupcake batter.

• For those who only have one cupcake pan, what you can do is to refrigerate the batter first while waiting for the cupcake pan to cool down. Don’t forget to cover the batter with plastic food wrap and press it onto the top to make sure that a skin doesn’t form while being refrigerated. Also, cooking the second batch cupcakes tend to cook a little longer since the batter was cool in the first place.

• There are new cupcake pans that are out in the market and they are made of heat resistant silicone. Heat resistant silicone cupcake pans pop cupcakes out easily since they are highly flexible. With this new type of cupcake pans, clean up is a breeze since the silicon cupcake pans can be placed into dishwashers.